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Kids For Sale

    No babies left to sell from this spring, but Kit decided to go into heat LATE so she is bred for September babies!  We have never had babies in September so this will be a change for us!  

    If you are interested in September babies keep in touch with me.   The cost to reserve your baby is $50.  You can choose from the breedings on the breeding chart.  I have included a link to that page below.  Availability will be updated as they are reserved. 

     Babies will be disbudded, have their shots and if necessary, they will be banded.  I give a $75 discount if your baby moves home with you within the first month.  Of course, this is not practical for everyone so I can keep them until they are weaned.

     All of our babies are bottle fed, and loved!  They get all of the colostrum form mom and then a mix of milk and formula. I recommend feed a very good quality formula that is JUST for goats.  It is important that they get proper nutrition and some formulas don’t have what they need.

     This year we will not have any Nubian babies and I realize they are the preferred goat for a meat goat project in 4-H.  While Toggenburgs and Saanens are not built the same, they will do well.  They are also GREAT for a pet wether, cart or pack project.  They don’t have the cute floppy ears but they are cute, smart and very personable!

     When you decide on the breeding you want, you may contact me via phone, email or set up a visit to see our farm!  Our herd is happy, healthy and very loved!

Prices for weaned babies:

Does - $300

Bucks - $300

Wethers - $200




Updated April 09, 2019