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We are located just outside of Wooster, Ohio. My goat herd consists of "about"
30 goats except when the babies are here. We have fun with our goats, and love each one. We have been raising them since 1999 when we got our first goats for 4-H projects! It did not take long from that time for us to have a "few" more.

Grow Your Farm & Dreams to the Next Level

Sparring in the spring!


Are you dreaming of starting a small farm or homestead? We can help!

Goats are a wonderful animal. Maybe you are looking for an animal for a 4-H project or maybe you want to raise a profitable production animal, once again, dairy goats are a good choice.

Both Saanens and Toggenbergs are known for producing a good quantity of milk as well as having a good disposition. Plus, we raise ours on bottles (and spoil them) so that they love humans and are easy to work with.

Our goats are registered and come to you healthy, friendly and with our experience and knowledge to call on when you have questions.

We are working on building up our blog section so if you would like more information, take a look there. If the subject you are interested in is not there, please contact us and we will be happy to talk to you