My Does
All of my pictures are candid shots. A couple of the Saanens have a little Nubian in them. You will see that on the pedigree.
The names are linked to the pedigree so click the name to be taken there.
Saanen doe
Always Play'n Kit
Saanen Doe, Harvest Hills Farm, Saanens for sale, Toggenburgs for sale, Buck service
Harvest Hills Maggie Doodle
Harvest Hills Morning Glory
Home again, home again, jiggety jig!
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Always Play'n Kara
Nubian doe
Harvest Hills Pepper
Gidget is very hard to get a picture of.  She is never still!  A video would have been easier!
Harvest Hills Electra
Harvest Hills Gidgit
She would not get up so this is the best picture for now!
Harvest Hills Inga (Binga)
Harvest Hills Heidi (Ho)
She would not leave my side which made it very difficult to get a picture!
Capra Lane Hailee (Bop)
Hailee is a typical Toggenburg! Never a normal picture! Dangling is her favorite!
Cottonwood Creek Alexis
Lexi is a Saanen with a little bit of LaMancha. She has developed a lot of black flecking over the last couple of years and would likely be a Sable Saanen
D&AK'S Phantom Toffee
D&AK's Argos Vanity