Our Bucks
     Bucks have a reputation for being stinky. This is well deserved during the breeding season, but not all year. If they are separated from the does they behave very pleasantly and the do not stink. During breeding season though, they “perfume” themselves. Then they and everything they touch, smells! I still love them, but they do not get to be rubbed and loved on unless I am well covered! I keep all of the bucks together in one pasture. They get along very well although there is some head-butting that goes on during the breeding season. The never seem to be too rough, and they do not hurt each other. They enjoy being together just like the does and they are just as gentle.
The pictures I have are mostly candid shots since life doesn't give enough time to pose each one right now.
   Scroll down the page for a picture of each buck. Click on the name and you will be taken to the pedigree link. Click the back button to be returned to this page. Thanks for looking!
Nubian Buck
R&J Farm Rocky I
DOB 4/08/2012
Back Home Please!
Gazely  Arm Hivel  F Rough Truck
DOB 3/15/13
Hoanbu WMV Mark of Victory
Victor is proud to carry the title of Grand Champion and BOB which he won at 8 years old (1st show)!
Tonka also carries the title of Grand Champion and BOB!  His 1st time out at 2 yrs old!