Skittles at 3 days old

Skittles at 3 days old

Harvest Hills Skittles

Goat, Saanen, Kid (female) | White

ADGA# S002009223 | DOB: 3/31/2019 (1 yr)

Harvest Hills Benjeman

Harvest Hills Benjeman

SaanenBuck (male)White
ADGA# S1827642DOB: 3/7/20164 yrs
Benjamin is a very handsome and friendly guy. Throws very correct babies! As with my other bucks, he is not for sale, just breeding.
 ADGA# S1827642 White
Harvest Hills Snowwhite


Harvest Hills Snowwhite

SaanenDoe (female)White
ADGA# AS1733154DOB: 2/13/20155 yrs
Snowy is following her family line's personality beautifully! She is quiet and elegant and for the most part gentle. The only time she is not gentle is if another goat wants to mess with her! The perpetrator is usually convinced that it is not a good idea to annoy her! The plan is to breed her for April babies so hopefully that will work!
 ADGA# AS1733154 White

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Not for Sale


Updated 8/19/2019